We believe that the Bible is not a book of facts to be learned, but rather a book of principles to be lived in the context of our daily life.  Consequently, we seek to teach those principles and to assist our students in discovering how to practice them each day.  In fact, we actually endeavor to teach our students how to find the principles themselves so they might enjoy the life-long adventure of dealing with a book that changes lives.

We are committed to the idea that the inner attitude is far more important than the external aspect.  Thus, we seek to stress Biblical reality in all that we do and say.  Although we are concerned with the way a student looks and acts, we are far more concerned about what he/she really is in the depths of their heart.

Finally, we are committed to excellence in our academic program.  We believe that a life lived according to God’s principles seeks to demonstrate excellence in order to bring glory go God and to please Him with the quality of our work.  Therefore, we maintain a rigorous academic program, and have high expectations of student performance.

These differences in philosophy and approach explain our mission, which states that “we exist as an extension of the home to provide a program of academic and spiritual excellence in order to prepare students to impact the world.“  In brief, our desire is to produce winners.  This task is best accomplished through a clear understanding of the real nature of Christianity and the consistent application of Biblical principles to all of life.

Education is more than just learning - it is learning how to live. And a Christian education is more than learning to live - it is learning how to live a life that glorifies God.  This is our primary emphasis.  We welcome you to join us in our efforts as we teach young people how to learn and how to live.