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Discover more about what life looks like as a student of Granger Christian


We engage our students in the learning process through project-based learning, inquiry, and personalized study to achieve success beyond state standards. GCS faculty are trained to use 21st century best practices to develop students to become independent self-sufficient learners through the lens of a biblical worldview.


spiritual life

We strive to help our students discover the person God created them to be. We believe this is accomplished through an education that is rooted in biblical principles and recognizes the Creator God as the author of all knowledge. 

We incorporate Scripture into the curriculum at Granger Christian School at every turn. Students attend chapel once a week and actively participate through praise, worship, giving and interaction with the speaker. 

community service

GCS encourages and provides opportunities for students to live out their faith through active participation in projects that benefit the local, regional and global community.

As early as kindergarten, students at Granger Christian School are encouraged to become active members in the community through service projects. These can range from canned food drives to letter writing, and for older students, volunteering at the homeless shelter or helping with roadside trash pick-up and community garden work. The school is also involved with Feed the Hungry and Hope Ministries and other organizations that allow our students to exercise their faith through works and provides a larger perspective of the world we live in.

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GCS features a variety of opportunities for team competition with an emphasis on hard work, personal responsibility, and most importantly a Christ-like attitude. A team mentality is stressed while focussing on sound skills and team dynamics.

Girls Var BBall Team Yearbook - Jena Ste
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